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Finding The Right Property For You

Stonevale is an independent property search and acquisition company based in South Buckinghamshire.

We provide a personal and professional service to private clients and investors. It is our aim to make the process of acquiring property as seamless and stress-free as possible. Please see our Services for more information.

Laura Stone, Managing Director

Laura Stone founded Stonevale after identifying a need to make acquiring property a much easier process.

Laura spent several years working as a lawyer in the City and, when considering a move to the Country, quickly became aware of the difficulties and time constraints in finding the right property in a good location.

Having achieved what she wanted working in the City, Laura couldn’t resist the desire to work in property herself. She has extensive experience in the industry, including sourcing property, working closely with large-scale property developers, as well as hands on involvement with bespoke refurbishment projects. Laura has an impressive network of contacts, including architects, lawyers, estate agents, contractors and developers.

Laura lives in a village between Marlow and Henley-On-Thames with her husband and twin sons.

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